Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gypsies Travels 2

Hello all again, time for an update on Gypsies Travels...Colleen here.

When last we left off, we were at a dock in the Sassafras River. We only stayed there a day and just went for a long walk. It was a beautiful place. The next day we went to an anchor spot in an inlet on the Chesapeake Bay called "Still Pond". As usual Tammy did a great job navigating a great achoring spot and Doug did a great job dropping the anchor.
I did my duty to help Doug with the "Snubber Line," or anything that he may need my assistence on. John stays at the helm station with Tammy to watch out for other boats that may be around, like the sail boat that looked like a real pirate boat. We never saw anyone on it for the few days we were there, so it may have been abandoned. Doug helped Tammy and I take down the kayaks from the boat while John took pictures of how we do it.
Then Tammy and I went for a long kayak ride through the marshes. Because we are in the Chesapeake Bay, some of the bay that is far away from the sea water is actually fresh water. The Sassafras River is mostly fresh water. We saw lots of blue herons and jumping fish.
We even saw a deer briefly on an open field. The area we anchored and kayaked around is known as Mount Harmon's Plantation. There are many beautiful houses on it.

The next day, we headed to Gypsies' (that's our nick name for Gypsies in the Palace) original home in Rock Hall, Maryland at Haven Harbour Marina. This is where Gypsies lived before Doug and Tammy bought her and brought her up to Maine. We all think that if the boat could talk, she would say that "It is way too cold in Maine; I like it here in Maryland!"

Gypsies needed to have a "watermaker" put in for our time in the islands.
A "watermaker" is a machine that takes the salt out of the sea water and filters it so it is drinkable for us. You see; water is very expensive and hard to come by down in the Caribbean and other islands we will be visiting, so we need to make our own so we can have good drinking water and be able to use our washer for our dirty clothes and have water to wash our dirty dishes.
We ended up spending six days in Rock Hall; It's a lovely little town with the nicest people and beautiful views. Uncle John and I took down the fold-up bicycles and we went for a few rides. We got lots of exercise and saw lots of the area. These bikes are great to use on a boat because they fold into less then 1/2 the size for easy storage and are even easier to put together for a great ride.
The marina offers a courtesy car for us to use so Tammy and I used the car to go into the bigger town about 20 miles away to go to a large grocery store to pick up food, cat food and other supplies we needed for the boat for the next few months.

About dusk on the night before we left, we had a few white ducks come by the boat and I was able to feed them before we left. That was fun!

Well, it's Sunday morning and we headed of to our next destination, Kent Narrows Passage in Grasonville, Maryland. We are here to surprise our friend Scott Kirby (the musician who played at our bon voyage party) at a Tiki Bar he is playing at. Hahahaha, should be fun! Well, we have a very busy day today, Scott playing at 3:00, Patriots at 4:00 and Red Sox at 7:30! Wow! Information overload.

Even though Gypsies is a white boat, we're hoping that Scott plays our favorite song, which is called "Little Blue Boat." We'll write more from our next port of call! Until then...may your nose and toes always be warm.

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